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Where Am I?

Many people seem to get confused by the spaces at the Last Outpost. This map will provide a rough sketch of the lands surrounding the town. Red is dangerous, yellow requires caution, green is mostly safe for people under level 5.

Grasslands Map

The Grasslands are just outside the north gate at the Last Outpost. It’s a rectangle 10 spaces tall and 11 spaces wide. The Cart Path runs diagonally from Outside the Gate in the SW corner to the middle of the northern boundary. There is a Sod House in the NE quadrant and a stand of […]

Last Outpost Map

Legend W – Warrior Guild M – Mage Guild C – Cleric Guild T – Thief Guild A – Armory B – Bank G – Grocery P – Potions S – Staffs and Spells W – Weaponry The red square is Town Square, a source of water and a safe haven. The Gate is the […]