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It’s ba-a-a-a-ck!

In October, I heard that the missing outpost has resurfaced! Check it out!

Gone, But Not Forgotten

I’m still getting fresh comments, and I’ve released a bunch of them from moderation. I still miss it, myself, but I’m guessing it’s gone for good. RIP LO You were a milestone.

Last Outpost Status

I’ve gotten one comment already, so let me share what I know of the situation. After 17 years of running Last Outpost, Rahjiii is taking a much needed break from the game. The break will be at least a month long, and possibly longer. After such a long run, he certainly deserves a lot of […]

What’s the Score?

Perhaps the most valuable display in the game is your “score.” A couple of newcomers have indicated that this is confusing, so here is the breakdown. The following is the output from my “sco” at the moment: You have attained : (mage 20) (warrior 18) (cleric 20) (thief 16). You have 355(355) hit, 283(290) mana […]


Basic commands ____________________________________________________________________________ |Movement: | Utility: | | NORTH SOUTH EAST WEST UP DOWN | ! BUG IDEA TYPO QUIT SAVE BRIEF | | LOOK EXITS WHERE | FILL GAIN PRACTICE WIMPY LAZY CAMP | | SLEEP WAKE REST SIT STAND | COMPACT ALIAS | | LOCK UNLOCK OPEN CLOSE | | | ———————————————————————– | […]

Don’t Hit the Guards!

When I logged on today some very friendly person of very small rank was dying regularly. Apparently, this person was in the habit of saying “Hi” to everyone and this brought trouble. In Last Outpost, as in many MUDs, the common commands are shortened to as few as one letter and frequently two. Guess which […]

On the Tick…

Life in the MUD is not without time. Every so often there’s “a tick of the clock” and anything that is based on time is updated. For warriors like me, that means I heal up a bit and gain my movement points back some. It means that anything I’m fighting has also healed a little. […]

Hits, Mana, and Moves, Oh My!

Three things govern your ability to operate in the environment — hit points, mana level, and movement points. If you’re new to this kind of game, these three things need some explanation. Hits are a measure of health. Mana is a measure of your spell casting ability. Movement is a limitation on how far you […]

Character Creation

The beginning of the game is where you lay the foundation for the way you want to play the game. In Last Outpost, you get choice of Race and Class when you create a new character. You also get to pick the sequence your characteristics will be ordered. I’m no expert in this, but I […]

First Steps in the MUD

Now that you’re in there, what do you do? Most people spend too much time floundering about when the first steps, like the opening moves in a chess game, are pretty standard. The goal is to advance your character and you do that by learning and earning. Mostly you’ll wonder, “Now what?”

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