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Archive for October, 2008

What’s the Score?

Perhaps the most valuable display in the game is your “score.” A couple of newcomers have indicated that this is confusing, so here is the breakdown. The following is the output from my “sco” at the moment: You have attained : (mage 20) (warrior 18) (cleric 20) (thief 16). You have 355(355) hit, 283(290) mana […]

Why Am I Here?

As I have been working with new players, the most common theme was “there’s so much to remember!” It occurred to me that the problem is contextual. I think that people are having trouble remembering because they’re on in the game. At any given point in time, everybody is faced with “What do I do […]

Where Am I?

Many people seem to get confused by the spaces at the Last Outpost. This map will provide a rough sketch of the lands surrounding the town. Red is dangerous, yellow requires caution, green is mostly safe for people under level 5.


Basic commands ____________________________________________________________________________ |Movement: | Utility: | | NORTH SOUTH EAST WEST UP DOWN | ! BUG IDEA TYPO QUIT SAVE BRIEF | | LOOK EXITS WHERE | FILL GAIN PRACTICE WIMPY LAZY CAMP | | SLEEP WAKE REST SIT STAND | COMPACT ALIAS | | LOCK UNLOCK OPEN CLOSE | | | ———————————————————————– | […]